Wrinkle Reducer – Fight early ageing

Most guys never think about taking preventive measures to ward off wrinkles or premature ageing. It’s probably a good idea to take the steps necessary to keep your skin looking young and fresh. Below please find a quick course designed to help your dermis stay forever young.


Recent research shows that men are most worried about the following when it comes to their skin and aging:

• Fine Lines: Wrinkles all around the face — particularly the eye and mouth area (often referred to as “Crow’s Feet”).

• Tired-Looking Skin : Skin that looks “worn out,” with no hint of softness or suppleness (sorry, we couldn’t think of any more macho words to use).

• Brown Spots : Small patches of discoloration on the face.


Not to get too scientific, but Collagen and Elastin are the elements that keep skin looking soft and healthy. When these elements are damaged, skin tends to go downhill and premature aging sets in. So, it’s important to protect skin from outside forces that damage Collagen and Elastin.


This stuff wreaks havoc on Collagen and Elastin and affects your skin’s appearance.

• Major Sun Exposure : Betcha’ didn’t know that 99% of all premature aging is the result of sun exposure. So, sun block is imperative prior to any stint outside (it doesn’t have to be 80 degrees).

• Smoking : The damage to skin can be significant, but is still probably the least of a smoker’s worries.

• Alcohol, Drugs & Highly-Processed Foods


Whether you’re trying to avoid premature aging all together or just slow it down, follow these golden rules:

• Wear Sunscreen: Slap on a moisturizer with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or more every single morning.

• Follow A Solid Skincare Routine : Remember the letters CSP – Cleanse , Scrub and Protect.

• Make An Appointment: Find a spa/salon where you’ll feel comfortable and visit a Skin Care

Expert. Two or three “facials” a year can really make a difference.

• Take Your Vitamins: Use skin care products packed with vitamins and minerals.

• Exercise: Inner health is scientifically proven to be reflected on the outside.

Skincare 101 – The Basics

The majority of men feel a little uncomfortable talking about skincare… it’s just not standard bar stool banter. But when most guys realize that basic skin maintenance can help ward off aging, wrinkles and even illness, they start humming a slightly different tune. Here’s a basic lesson showcasing answers to some of the most common skincare questions:

Q: What’s the benefit to a skincare regimen?

A: There are a lot of pluses to a solid skincare regimen. Above all, the biggest benefits are that your skin will be healthier, look younger and your shaves will be smoother.

Q: What are the basic steps in a good skincare routine?

A: Just remember CSP. The “C” is for Cleanse, which you should do daily with a targeted cleanser to remove oil and dirt. The “S” is for Scrub, which you should do a few times a week with an exfoliator to remove dead skin and help with shaving. The “P” is for Protect, which you can do by applying a moisturizer with SPF everyday.

Q: What should I clean my face with? Why not soap?

A: Your facial cleanser should be a product specifically designed for the face – one that’s gentle and appropriate for your skin type. Most regular soaps will do more harm than good, as they can strip natural oils from the skin and can lead to infection or premature aging.

Q: How can I fight pre-mature aging?

A: Here’s an interesting fact: Only one percent of aging is caused by actual aging. The other 99% is caused by the sun and other environmental factors. Taking this into account, the best way to avoid getting old early is to wear a moisturizing sun block everyday and to use products containing anti-oxidants, which will fight free radicals and help repair past UV damage.

Q: My face gets bumps all the time. I don’t know if it’s shaving or not. What can I do?

A: Proper shaving preparation should cure all your ills. Prior to shaving, it’s important to cleanse your face with a facial cleanser, wiping away all the junk that gets in the way of your razor. Next, use an exfoliator two to three times a week to release ingrown hairs.

Q: My skin is oily and looks really greasy. Obviously, this isn’t attractive and I need help.

A: To fight oily skin, cleanse your face daily with an oil-absorbing clay based cleanser, use an exfoliating product to remove dead skin that clogs the pores and top it off with an oil-free moisturizer.

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