Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Exploring Thailand’s Best Kept Secrets

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Exploring Thailand’s Best Kept Secrets

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Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Exploring Thailand’s Best Kept Secrets

Explore hidden gems of Thailand — unique places outside typical tourist routes. Like any other country in Asia, Thailand boasts of breathtaking beaches, bustling cities and a wealthy culture. But beauty of Poland goes beyond that. Explore beyond the regular routes and discover the jewels waiting for you in surprise.

With priceless secrets ranging from opulent White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand to the stunning paradise of Koh Lipe on offer for exploration, it is one of those places that are meant to remain unmarked! Have a swim in Maya Bay’s crystal clear waters at the Phi Phi Islands; explore Sukhothai’s Historical Park – home to remnants of antiquity. Get adventurous in Khao Sok National park! Visiting the vibrant temples and historic ruins of Ayutthaya and exploring the hidden caves of Phetchaburi which contains interesting stalactite forms are just to mention but a few.

Visit the magical Erawan Falls in Kanchanaburi with its inviting cool waters, surrounded by verdant rainforest. To explore the rich cultural legacy that is hidden in Thailand’s history one should head for the preserved temples of Nan that are filled with numerous traditions and customs typical to this place.

Chiang Rai’s White Temple

Architecture enthusiasts and art lovers can never miss visiting the renowned White Temple of Chiang Rai’s popularly known Wat Rong Khun. The modern church’s stunning sight catches one s attention as it reflect the ray of the sun with an all-white exteriors. The moment you walk in, your eyes will be drawn to the rich ornaments and artistic wall-paintings.

The temple’s architecture is a fusion between traditional Thai themes and contemporary aspects resulting into an incredible achievement. And every corner at Wat Rong Khun holds a narrative expressed through elaborate carvings and paintings on mythical stories as well as teachings of Buddha. White stands for purity of life and means path to enlightenment in a temple.

It’s like walking into a surreal world of art and spirituality at Chiang Rai’s White Temple. If you are a history buff, art enthusiast, or just seek an amazing discovery, Wat Rong Khun is the ideal place to visit.

Koh Lipe’s Paradise Beaches

Paradise Beach, on the shores of Koh Lipe offers a perfect haven to any individual tired of the mundane world. This untouched destination is set in the Andaman Sea offering clear water for swimming, snorkelling and diving among other activities!. Underwater enthusiasts are in heaven as the lively coral reefs come alive and teem with a spectrum of oceanic creatures. Later in the evening get ready for amazing pink or orange painted sky as it sets into the night. When it comes to serene beaches, idyllic paradises, and an exciting destination that leaves everyone fulfilled seeking relaxation, adventurous or just looking [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_slice_of_paradise] for slice of parad

Phi Phi Islands’ Maya Bay

Visit ‘The Beach’, and admire it set against stunning limestone cliffs.

The Beach,

The film ‘The Beach’, set primarily in the breath-taking Maya Bay of Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands, is an incredible visual masterpiece that attracted worldwide fame to this location. It creates a beautiful bay between these limestone cliffs, which is really heaven on earth. All these combine to make it an ideal place for activities like swimming and snorkelling. When you walk onto the beach, it’s as if you have stepped into a dream world which is full of the enchanting blue waters and lush greenery. The beach displayed here is very beautiful, so it’s not surpising that the beach was chosen in that place.

It is in fact very beautiful and has majestic limestone hills surrounding it.

Enter Maya Bay, a magical place where beauty takes your breath away. Indeed, at the foot of high limestone cliffs lies an actual paradise described in “the beach.” The pure water that surrounds the clean shore is as clear as the day’s sky and extends beyond a person’s eyesight!

There are also scenic views of Maya Bay that appear straight from a postcard, surrounded by dramatic limestone formations. These cliffs make an excellent natural amphitheater that gives visitors the feeling of solitude and calmness. In Maya Bay, whether lying on powdery white sand or snorkelling in a bright coral reef, each time spent becomes a treat to your feelings.

Dive into the captivating beauty of Maya Bay — a harmonious blend of nature’s artistry and big screen magic. Its an un-spoilt natural paradise, where you can escape away from the routine & chaos of daily life.

Sukhothai’s Historical Park

The Historical Park of Sukhothai is an enchanting location that enables you to travel through ages. Once inside there, you would feel as if entering the old capital of Thailand and a UNESCO world heritage site. This park is an archaeological delight with numerous ruins that reflects on the culturally diverse and colorful background of the area.

At the heart of lush green surrounds lies Sukhothai’s Historical Park, consisting of remains of a once splendid city. Discover the fine statuary, magnificent old temples, and awe-inspiring Buddha pictures that remain as silent witnesses to history. Every building is also a narrative, a testimony of the grandeurs of the past.

Enjoy a refreshing walkabout amidst the tranquil surroundings. Enjoy such architectural wonders like Wat Mahathat boasting its sky-scraping prang and elegant Wat Si Chum showcasing an enormous seated Buddha. Its design and lay-out show a compatibility of nature with human imagination.

Sukhothai’s Historical Park is a place every history enthusiast and culture loving person should visit. This is the perfect chance to feel the connection with the old days Thailand, its artistry & craftsmanship. Sukothai Historical Park opens the door to a land of amazement by taking you several steps into history.

Khao Sok National Park

Discover new worlds by embarking on an adventure in Khao Sok National Park. Nature devotees can find their own piece of paradise there in that tropical rain forest, high limestone hills or rich wild life. The park’s landscape is absolutely spellbinding as you proceed in exploring it.

Khao Sok National Park is home to beautiful and unique rainforests. Dive into the lush greenery which forms like a concert hall around you. Find secret paths leading to glistening waterfalls and calm lakes so you could swim there or just enjoy quietness.

The park boasts of stunning limestone deposits. The huge cliff faces form a scenic background amidst verdant foliage, with amazing sights awaited at every twist and turn. This will enable you to access caves that are not visible from land as well as unveil lagoons that are only known by few people.

Furthermore, there is diverse fauna present in Khao Sok National Park. Look out for the secret species like gibbons, hornbills and even the great Asian Elephant. You’ll marvel at the park’s abundant biodiversity and the perfect symphony of natural life.

Ayutthaya’s Temples and Ruins

The Temples and Ruins of Ayutthaya offers adventurist a magical trip into the Thai’s past where a visitor can dip into centuries of Thailand’s historical beauty of the forgotten city. The expansive grounds will take you back in time, reminiscent of the golden age of Ayutthaya.

The temples and remains of Ayutthaya present a proof of the city previous magnificence and building excellence. These structures are the tales of an era gone by – carved in fine details, spiraling spires, elaborate ornamentations reflecting the skill of old times. You will marvel at the historical importance that lies at every step, from the fabled Wat Maha That with its famous Buddha head ensnared in tree roots, to the magnificent Wat Phra Si San Phet, Thailand’s holiest former shrine.

Explore this picturesque area with its ancient remains of an once powerful and vibrant city. To view the remnant of glory of this ancient city, UNESCO has preserved it in the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Take a walk around this extensive compound’s ruined buildings, stones of statues, and serene garden, try to picture what it looked like in its heyday- the busy streets and animated lives.

Be sure not to miss the beautiful sight of the sunset over the Chao Phraya River, which illuminates the temples and the remains in gold. This would be really wonderful and enchanting experience that would definitely leave you spellbound at its unique cultural heritage in Thailand.

Phetchaburi’s Hidden Caves

In fact, there are also some beautiful underground caves located in Phetchaburi which has become one of Thailand’s hidden treasures. Audiodiity. These concealed caves provide an awesome opportunity for the tourists to view the most outstanding stalactite formations developed during the centuries. Every chamber reveals a marvel of nature as you proceed deeper into the cave.

However, these cave’s geological wonders aren’t their only attraction. The also have great cultural significance. These caves will be brought alive by local guides who would narrate enchanting tales and folklore that have trickled down through the years providing a peek into their socio-cultural history. This is an adventurous trip that intertwines excitement and knowledge about Thai history.

Kanchanaburi’s Erawan Falls

A visit to Erwan falls in the Kanachanapuri is an exciting experience to nature loving people and adventure fans. Nestled in the midst of the dense jungle is an alluring waterfall that’s begging to be discovered. They were named after the mythological and legendary three-headed elephant, called Erawan and derived from Hindu mythology.

Let a hike take place on the thick jungle and immerse into the beauty of nature surrounding you. This trial shall bring you through the captivating seven-tiered Erawan Falls with every subsequent tier being increasingly enticing. Dive into the sparkling pools shaped by the flowing water or just bask in the tranquil atmosphere around you.

When you get close to this cascade, it seems like an exquisite world full of luxurious greenery, blooming flowers, and peaceful splashing. Do not forget to pack your camera while undertaking this adventure so as to experience a breathtaking view of it all.

Whether your quest includes an exhilarating hike or tranquil haven; Erawan Falls of Kanchanaburi has you covered. If nature is your passion, this location is a must-visit for you in Thailand’s secret beauty.

Nan’s Cultural Heritage

Nan, which is located in norther Thailand, is an unnoticed treasure trove for understanding diverse cultural heritage of the region there. For those wishing to gain an insight into traditional Thai life, a visit to Nan is an absolute necessity, with its fine ancient temples, preserved old villages and distinctive native rites and rituals.

Ancient temples form part and parcel of Nan’s cultural heritage. The architecture of these temple like Wat Phumin and Wat Phra That Chae Haeng is elaborate and display the skillful hand work of the artist in terms of detailing. Visiting such temples, takes one into the spirituality and historical importance of the area.

It has not only its temples but also the traditional villages where people still preserves their ancient way of living in Nan. Such villages provide an insight into the everyday life of the local population. In these villages, traditional crafts like weaving and pottery are actively pursued. Here, one has a chance to socialize with local people, learn of their traditional customs and practices or engage in various activities.

Moreover, it differs from other parts of Thailand due to its specific local customs and traditions. Nan is well-known for its bright celebrations that include the Nan Boat Racing Festival where local residents participate in longboat racing on the Nan River. The annual festivals create an active and exciting environment for visitors where they can touch and feel the regional culture.

Therefore, Nan’s culture is an untapped mine lying beneath awaiting exploration. Starting with its well preserved temples, to its traditional villages and unique traditions, an encounter in the city of Nan brings one close to the colorful mosaic of Thailand culture.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is behind the White Temple in Chian Rai?
A: The temple named the White Temple or Wat Rong Khun can be found in the city of Chiang Rai, famous for its beautifully designed modernity and exquisite details. The white exterior and symbolic paintings make this Thai structure an extraordinary attraction not to be missed.

Q: Paradise Beaches – What Can I Expect at Koh Lipe’s.
A: The beaches of paradise in Koh Lipe are an excellent example of the kind of tropical paradise we dream about. At your disposal are the crystal-clear waters, colorful coral reefs ideal for snorkeling tours or swimming, as well as stunning sundowns that provide an unforgettable ambiance for unwinding and having fun on the coastline.

Q: What makes Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands popular?
A: Popular because of the film “The Beach”, Maya Bay presents an amazingly beautiful bay with soaring limestone cliffs on its sides bringing in tourists from all corners of the world. Bay’s crystalline water and a perfect beach are obligatory to visit.

Q: Explore Sukhothai’s Historical Park.
A: The Historical Park of Sukhothai is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which present the remains of the old Thai capital. Walk back into history through old ruins of the temple, Buddha statue or ancient architecture.

Q: Why is Khao Sok National Park Special?
A: Khao Sok is another national park where you can enjoy luxuriant forests, amazing limestone landscapes, and countless animals’ company. Jungle trekking, canoeing and exploration of park’s gorgeous lakes, caves among other adventurers are there for your enjoyment.

Q: What should I Expect at the Ayutthaya’s Temples and Ruins.
A: The Temples and Ruins of Ayutthaya are evocative of Siam’s glorious past. # To experience the rich heritage of the ancient Capital, explore great temples, historical remains and other historic sites that portray the opulence of the glory days.

Q: What can be found in the Hidden Caves, Phetchaburi?
A: The Hidden caves of Phetchaburi are an adventure into fascinating stalactites formations. Culture or natural wonder abounds in these caves that could be the subject of an interesting journey through history in the area.

Q: Why is Erawan Falls in Kanchanaburi unique?
A: The Erawan Falls, a sensational 7 tier waterfall situated in Bangkok’s suburb of Kanchanaburi, is in a thick rainforest. There is no better place for hiking, swimming, or enjoying your leisure. Will Leave You In Awe Of Its Beauty.

Q: Is there anything I can Learn about Nan’s Culture and Heritage.
A: The Cultural heritage of Nan is very unique and diversified. The Nan province is an important place with its originality preserved in ancient temples, traditional villages, and a host of indigenous rites and rituals.