Men and Women Grooming Tips

Groom yourself for a better future.  Men and Women grooming is essential and a very vital part of any Flight Attendant Training program. Go through our beauty tips carefully and you can never go wrong with your grooming.

Grooming Standards

Grooming in aviation assumes great significance with the fact that It can be quite repetitive serving food and drinks on each flight while constantly having to appear happy and be assertive.

You have to be well groomed, have a pleasant personality, be friendly and sensitive to people’s needs. It also helps to have a sense of humor and you must be able to communicate with all types of people. A positive attitude is essential, as is confidence, enthusiasm and a clear sense of professionalism.

Self grooming is a vital part of flight attendant training program conducted by any airline and we give you an insight into how it is all conducted through step by step detailing of all the aspects categorized for your convenience and self training

Grooming for the Lady

Beauty is not just skin deep – A reflection of your personality

Don’ts of beauty Care

Choosing the right jewellery

Wrinkles – How to avoid them

Some Beauty questions you always wanted to ask

Grooming for the Gentlemen

Right Shaving Techniques

Skin Care strategies for men

Wrinkle Reducer – Fight early ageing

Hair Loss and Dandruff control

Look your best – tips and techniques

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