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Hand Maintenance

If you think manicures are for wimps, than Al Capone was a major wuss. That’s because the mob boss’ hands were anything but “untouchable.” Just as Capone understood the importance of well-maintained hands… so should you. After all, your hand is the first thing you offer a prospective client, boss or wife.
It is perfectly masculine to get a professional manicure every month or so. Ask your technician to snip, file and buff, but make sure to decline any polish or gloss. To keep your hands looking good after your MAN-icure, apply a hand moisturizer daily and remove dirt and grime with the help of some at-home grooming tools. Read on for few tips and tricks on men’s beauty care

If getting a manicure in public is just too much for you to handle, bolt the door and do it yourself at home.

1. Soak your hands in warm water to soften the nails

2. Clean beneath the nails with a clean metal file

3. Trim the nails with a clipper to leave a thin white strip at the end. Start in the middle then round off the sides

4. Smooth the edges of your nails using a nail file or emery board. Just go one way… not back and forth

5. Gently push back your cuticles (if you don’t know what these are, ask a woman) using a cuticle stick. Don’t cut them.

6. Massage in some hand cream


Are your “Pearly Whites” a bit yellow? If yes, here are a few options to get them whiter:

1. Brush and rinse with whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.

2. Use an electric toothbrush. They are more effective at removing stains.

3. Chat with your dentist regarding professional bleaching techniques.


If your breath is “kicking” like Bruce Lee, try some of the following bad breath solutions:

1. Follow a dental care routine consisting of brushing, flossing and mouthwash.

2. Brush your tongue.

3. Eat fibrous vegetables like celery or carrots. These will keep your tongue clean.

4. Drink plenty of liquids… but avoid a lot of coffee.

5. Check in with a dentist. It could be gum disease.

Athlete’s Foot: Agony of De-Feet

Even if you can’t make a lay-up or throw a spiral, you are still susceptible to athlete’s foot. This fungus of the foot is usually picked up when walking barefoot over wet floors around swimming pools or locker rooms.

Symptoms include:

– Moist red or gray scales on feet

– Cracked, peeling dead skin

– Itching or small blisters

To combat athlete’s foot:

– Wash your feet twice daily, paying special attention between the toes. Make sure to dry your feet thoroughly afterwards

– Apply an anti-fungal product between your toes and inside your socks and shoes

– Wear clean socks and change them during the day if necessary

– Wear shoes with some ventilation

– See a doctor if problem persists

Two Eyebrows Are Better Than One

Eyebrows are generally referred to in the plural because people are supposed to have two of them. So, if you are the unlucky owner of a continuous “uni-brow”… its time to do some division.

To remove unwanted hairs in the middle, use tweezers to grip hairs at their base and pull in the direction of hair growth. A longer-term solution is to use a quality waxing kit.


If your back looks like Chewbacca’s, you are certainly going to need the “force.” The force of a good waxing that is.

There are many options for removing back hair including home waxing kits and professional removal. These treatments usually clear your back for a solid two weeks to one month. If you go the at-home route – make sure to follow directions closely.


We predict that your excessive nose hair will disappear this year. To ensure this prediction comes true, get a quality electric trimmer or, using a pair of blunt-end scissors, carefully trim only the protruding hair.

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to cut or rip nose hair out at its roots, as nasal hair serves an important filtering function. The Top 10 Grooming Gaffes

You can have a closet full of designer suits, maintain a stable of exotic sports cars and date a Swedish supermodel, but if you’re guilty of any of these grooming gaffes… you’re just a poser.

(1) Nose Hair

If your beak looks like a party favor when you sneeze, a little trimming is definitely in order. To eliminate pesky hairs, try a nose hair trimmer.

(2) The Uni-Brow

Eyebrows are referred to in the plural because people are supposed to have a set. So, if you are the unlucky owner of a continuous “uni-brow” … it’s time to do some division. To remove unwanted hairs, use tweezers to grip hairs at their base and pull in the direction of hair growth. A longer-term solution is a quality waxing kit.

(3) B.O.

When you just can’t blame the dog any longer, try a scented body wash or nice cologne. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a good deodorant.

(4) Bad Breath

If your breath has more kick than Bruce Lee, spend a little more time brushing (specifically your tongue). For additional help, give your mouthwash a solid 30-second gargle.

(5) Missed Shaving Spots

In some cultures, a single dime-sized patch of hair on a man’s chin or throat is considered “charming.” Unfortunately, in today’s America it’s considered “disgusting.” Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by always conducting a post-shave review of your tough-to-shave areas (i.e., right under your nose). Then, eliminate any stragglers.

(6) Gnarled Mitts

A man’s hands don’t need to look pretty, but they should certainly be presentable. After all, your mitts are the first thing you offer a prospective boss or wife. To keep your hands looking good, get a manicure every now and then and use a hand moisturizer daily.

(7) The Comb-Over

Need we say more?

(8) Mismatched Cologne

A cologne may smell great out of the bottle, but less than pleasant once you put it on your body. That’s because everyone’s body chemistry is unique and certain fragrances just don’t fare well on certain people. Cologne isn’t supposed to make you stink… so try it on and give yourself a whiff before you buy.

(9) Yellow Teeth

The term is “pearly whites”-– not “rusty yellows.” Keep your chompers sparkling with the aid of a whitening toothpaste. Professional whitening systems can also do the trick.

(10) Neck Hair

You know that hair that accumulates on your neck in-between haircuts? Well, if there’s enough to braid, you might want to address it. Most barbers offer this service for a reasonable fee.

Men should have a regular beauty care regimen to keep themselves at a higher persona in comparison to other candidates appearing for any interviews.

Two Eyebrows Are Better Than One: A uni-brow (one giant connected eyebrow) is unacceptable. If you’re the unlucky owner of a uni-brow, it’s time to do some division.

Keep Your Neck Clean: You know that fuzz that accumulates on the back of your neck between haircuts? Don’t fool yourself into thinking people don’t see it. Get it trimmed up by your barber/stylist every few weeks.

Wear Sunscreen: Did you know that the majority of wrinkles are caused by environmental factors (sun, wind, etc.) – not aging. Keep wrinkles at bay by wearing a sunscreen everyday.

Don’t Clip To Your Hip: OK… it’s not so much a grooming faux pas as it is a fashion flub. Nevertheless, wearing a cell phone or PDA on your belt buckle just doesn’t work. Same goes for stuffing a gigantic wallet in your back pocket.

Get The Spots: Before completing your shave, make sure to check for any and all spots you might have missed. A great suit and hairstyle aren’t enough to overcome a strange chunk of hair floating on your cheek.

Re-Style: Just because your hair looks great in the AM doesn’t mean it’s still gonna’ look good after lunch. Midway through the day, slip into the men’s room and make sure you’re hair is styled with style.

Get Nailed: A man’s hands say a lot about him. After all, they’re the first thing you offer to a prospective boss, client or wife. Keep those mitts in good shape by using a hand moisturizer and getting a professional manicure monthly.

The White Stuff: Has anyone ever complimented you on your “pearly yellows”? Smiles mean a lot, so if your teeth resemble corn kernels, get a whitening system and shine those suckers up.

The Shape of Things: Improved skin and hair are just a few of the fringe benefits to getting yourself in shape. Keep your whole package on the up-and-up by starting a manageable fitness routine. The positive results will flow into all aspects of your life – not just grooming.

Hose The Nose: If your nose looks like a party favor when you sneeze, get a quality nose hair trimmer and clear out that beak. If you’re a tall guy, trust me, people are tired of looking up into that mess.

Never Let Them See Your Hair Sweat: Use anti-humectant hair styling products (see American Crew) that will deflect sweat, won’t leave your hair looking greasy and will maintain your style despite the humidity.

The Pitts: Avoid the dreaded W.C.A.S. (White, Clumpy Armpit Syndrome) by using a see-through anti-perspirant or deodorant.

Fry-Day: Even if you’re not at the beach, use products with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Protecting your skin from harmful rays is key for any guy who wants to avoid looking like a prune later in life.

Talc Show: There are certain special areas where men tend to sweat a lot. To keep these locations safe and dry, try a quality talcum powder to absorb moisture.

Hey You… Get Back Hair!: Those tufts of hair on your shoulders and back… nah… not appealing to anyone. Visit a reputable skin care professional and get them waxed off (it’s not even that painful) so the rest of us can digest our food.

Tanks Very Much: No self-respecting gentleman should be caught in a tank top with a bar logo on it, jean shorts or socks with sandals.

Flop With Pride: In an effort to sport your flip-flops with dignity, get a professional pedicure, or at a minimum, trim and scrub those toenails at home.

Have Another Drink: Of water that is… It’ll keep you hydrated and is a key component to healthy looking skin.

Back-ne: A zit on your back is no more attractive than one on your chin. To ward off the dreaded summer beach back-ne, make sure to hit your flip side with some soap each and every shower. A back brush, buffing cloth or a “special helper” can make this even easier.

“Sit too close to the television as a youngster and you’ll go cross-eyed”

“Swallow a piece of bubble gum and it’ll sit in your stomach for seven years”

“Step on a crack and it’ll break your mother’s back”

Fact or fiction? Reality or myth? To be honest, I don’t know the validity of these statements. You see — I’m not an Optometrist, Gastroenterologist or Orthopedic Surgeon – I’m a grooming expert. And it’s in this arena that I feel confident separating the gospel from the garbage. Read on…

“The More Foam… The Better The Shave”

Malarkey! Foam that sits an inch off your skin simply doesn’t do anything (except drain your wallet). Instead of wasting money on useless foam, buy yourself a shaving solution that gets right on top of and underneath your beard.

“You Don’t Need Sunscreen When It’s Cold Outside”

Hogwash! Even when you can’t feel the sun’s warmth, its powerful rays are still doing a number on your skin. Real doctors recommend wearing a protective sunscreen everyday.

“Using Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Daily Will Stop The Flakes”

Pure Drivel!Used every single day, an anti-dandruff shampoo will likely dry out your scalp. Instead, rotate your regular shampoo with your anti-dandruff shampoo.

“Stick to the same brand for all your products”

Gibberish! Don’t be afraid to “cheat” on your favorite brand. Using an eclectic group of products can be beneficial. Whiles one manufacturer’s products may work great on your face, another’s may do wonders with your hair.

“Drinking Tons Of Water Is Great For Your Skin”

Baloney! Everything in moderation friends. While drinking around eight glasses a day is beneficial for your dermis, chugging down more than 20 glasses will result in a loss of skin nutrients and too many trips to the john.

“You Should Always Shave Downwards To Avoid Irritation”

Nonsense! Shaving with the grain is one of the best ways to avoid razor rash — but for many men — the grain of hair growth doesn’t run downwards. Some guys have facial hair that runs sideways or diagonally – and for these fellas – it’s important to carefully follow that tricky growth pattern.

“Wrinkled Skin Is Caused By Aging”

Absurd! The majority of wrinkles are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, including sun exposure, diet and smoking. To avoid looking like a prune, wear sunscreen, eat well and knock off the cigs.

“Washing Your Face with Regular Soap Is Good Enough”

Garbage! Regular soap is extremely drying and can lead to flaking face dermis, rashes, etc. Isn’t it kind of gross to use the same soap bar on your face that you use down there? Instead, try a targeted face cleanser.

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