How to prepare a Flight Attendant Job Resume

A flight attendant job resume furnishes details for presenting yourself for a prospective job. It should summarize your skills, accomplishments, experiences and education.

“A resume is just like life, you never get a second chance to make a first impression”

There is no standard format for preparing your flight attendant job resume. Impressing the prospective employer and ensuring a call for an interview should be the prime objective while designing the flight attendant job resume. Apart from certain basic categories, you should add on multiple details which can make it more impressive. Make a rough resume with all the details before you finalize on the final one. However before forwarding a resume make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down by the prospective employer. Below given are the basic categories, to help you to make an impressive flight attendant job resume.

Name, Address and Telephone: Clearly mention the permanent address with phone number. If you have an e-mail address, include that too, it will ensure that the prospective employer is made aware that you keep abreast of the technological advancements.

Objective: flight attendant job resume should be brief and to the point. By going through your resume employer should get an idea about your work preferences and your ultimate career goal.

For example:

Seeking a challenging position with opportunities for career advancement and learning in aviation industry.

To have a long and successful career in the {particular field}, gain further skills and attain the goal of the organization aiming at mutual growth.

Profile: This category is optional but valuable. Here one should give an overall picture of abilities and accomplishments stressing on particular strengths.

For example:

Good practical knowledge in customer service, airline emergency procedures (specify where you learned it like flight attendant training online etc.

More than one year experience in the particular industry (if any).

Educational Qualification: Include your degree, specialization, institutions attended, year of graduation, subsidiary subjects studied, and any special workshops, seminars, related courses or projects done. You should categorize your qualifications separately as academic and professional or technical, if any.

Career Graph or Work Experience: Your flight attendant job resume should also give details regarding the place you have worked, the position you held, your responsibilities and achievements if any, duration of work etc. Also list the name and brief description of the organization that you worked for. Give your work responsibilities with an emphasis on achievements – (projects done, specify targets given, targets achieved etc.) and the dates or period you have served in the organization.

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