How to Crack Flight Attendant Interview

An invitation to attend a flight attendant interview is  in itself quite an achievement, since the airlines receive hundreds of application forms every year. Even though the application process and call for interview is only a minor part of the whole selection process and the actual flight attendant interview and selection process can be quite grueling and nerve wracking if one is not well prepared.

We have compiled some hints and tips for you to educate yourself before attending any flight attendant interview.


Venue of Interview

You should be well aware of the exact location of the interview

Your route or journey to the flight attendant interview location should be planned well in advance and always give a lead-time of half an hour to cater to any unforeseen emergencies or traffic snarls.

Make sure in advance the location of parking places at the interview venue, if possible conduct a reccae to the venue of interview a day before, this will reduce the nerves associated with venturing into an unfamiliar locality (like where to park, look for reception, entrance, exit for the building etc).

Dress Code & Grooming

Look business like and wear office style smart attire.

Be well groomed, with clean tidy hair, make up (if applicable) and clean shoes.

You have to feel comfortable with your appearance.

Do one final check of your overall appearance prior to leaving home, after arriving at the interview venue and during break times.


All documentation required should be laid out in a smart folder and presented to the interviewers when asked for.

Documents should be made ready a few days before the flight attendant interview so as to ensure that you have all the necessary certificates and paperwork that you require to take with you. It will give you enough time to find missing copies of certain documents.

Research and Preparation

Keep abreast of all the information and latest happening pertaining to the airline.  Questions pertaining to latest news concerning the airline can be asked to judge your background knowledge as well as interest in the field. A good source for such information is the airline website, it generally has the history and latest news concerning the company.


Feeling nervous during interview process is perfectly normal. Spend some time relaxing on the day prior to your flight attendant interview. Do the things that you like doing.  Also get a good night’s sleep, to avoid a worn out look.

Remember that the recruitment team will make allowances for the fact that people are nervous.

Nerves can easily be tackled with prior preparation


Communication With People You Meet

You should carry a warm disposition, welcoming behavior and great appearance as they are crucial in creating the right impression in the mind of recruiter.

Befriend other candidates and try to remember their names as there can be some questions about them from recruiter to know about your interpersonal skills, as flight attendant job is more of a team work.

Remember to always address people in a friendly and well mannered way.

Be yourself in the interview and never try to be someone you are not. Recruitment personnel are highly trained and will spot anyone who tries to impress.

Body Language

A very vital aspect noticed by the recruiters is the Body language and you must maintain open body language to make you appear welcoming and receptive to the recruitment team and fellow candidates.

Team Work & Exercises

Airline interviews will generally require you to take part in team work exercises. Ensure that you are open to suggestions and queries by all team members, and that you participate in all discussions and exercises.  Never be aggressive and imposing.

You should be updated on current affairs and news relating to the aviation industry.


Areas of discussion during interviews

During the flight attendant interview process you may be asked questions and have to complete exercises on the following subjects:

o        Team Work

o        Communication

o        Customer Service

o        Safety

o        Current Affairs

o        Airline Industry

Have examples prepared on the above subjects as the interviewing panel may ask you to give examples of previous experience and / or knowledge on the above.


When given an opportunity to ask the recruitment team a question be very clear, logical and straightforward (no beating around the bush). It is always better to think of few questions to ask well in advance.

Some questions can throw up answers which can be another question for you from the recruitment team, so be careful while putting forth questions.  Questions must be relevant to the company and the job. Avoid asking questions on issues that have been covered during any presentations given to you by the recruitment team.

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