Grooming Training

Grooming training is an integral part of any Flight Attendant Training

Grooming Standards


Uniforms must be cleaned and pressed before your show time and while away from your base.
Shirts are to be worn tucked in (except for maternity shirts).
Uniform items should not be used for personal use.
Uniforms may not be worn while consuming or purchasing alcohol.
The original design of the uniform may not be changed. Alterations may be made for proper fit, e.g., hemming, waist diameter etc. This will be accomplished with the uniform fitting company upon receipt of the uniform.
Upon termination of employment, all company issued uniform pieces must be returned to the company in good condition.
Company issued items include: polo style shirts, long pants, shorts, sweater, apron and wings.
Shoes: Plain white leather (no mesh or canvas), low cut or athletic style shoe, mid tops are acceptable (No high tops). No side colors, emblems, or marking (other than white or light gray stitching) of any kind allowed.
Hats: Only ICS logo hats purchased at the ICS store are permitted.
Socks: With Tennis Shoes (long or short pants.)
Females may wear colored socks to match exactly the shirts. White socks are acceptable.
Males must wear only white socks with tennis shoes.
Crew, bobby sock apes, or tennis types will be allowed, but they must cover the ankle bone (No pom-poms allowed).
Navy blue socks with Penny loafers (long pants, male or female). White socks with Penny loafers (shorts, male or female).
Belts: Made of leather or leather look; must coordinate with the uniform pants. Woven belts are acceptable.
Buckle should be leather covered, silver) or gold.
Blue belt with tennis shoes.
Oxblood belt with penny loafers.
Shorts may be worn April 1 through October 31 only.

Rings: One on each hand for both males and females is acceptable. Engagement and wedding bands are considered as one.
Necklaces: Short gold or silver chains next to skin acceptable. No necklace outside of wardrobe for either males and females.
Only one (1) allowed; no more than 1/2 inch wide.
Must be silver, or gold tennis style bracelet.
No Bangle style bracelets allowed.
Medic alert bracelets are permitted.
Ankle bracelets are not permitted with uniform.
Visible body piercing (other than for the ear) are not permitted.
Earrings no larger than a 50 cent piece are acceptable. Gold, silver, pearl or diamond earrings are preferable. Only two (2) earrings per ear is allowed and both must be in the lobe of the ear, stud or hoop types only. Dangling and ear cuffs are not permitted.
If a second earring is worn, only a gold, silver, pearl or diamond stud is allowed. Males are not allowed to wear earrings.

Watches: All ASAP and Flight Attendants are required to wear a tasteful style watch while on duty.
Flashlight: All Flight Attendants are required to purchase their own flashlight and to have reasonable accessibility to it while on duty.
Flashlights must be able to turn on and stay on (no “push to illuminate” flashlights). Eye wear: Glasses should be of a tasteful design; lenses or eye wear should be clear, not tinted. Sunglasses are to be worn outside only.
Name Badges: Company issued wings must be worn while on duty on the left side above the company logo.
Belts: To coordinate in color with uniform pants. Made of leather or fabric material. Pins/buttons. Only company approved pins/buttons as follows:
ICS promotional pin.
Holiday pins or buttons (only with supervisor’s approval).
Service Pins.

Luggage may be payroll deducted.
Navy Parkas may be payroll deducted.
Apron (butcher block style)
Baseball caps purchased only through the company store may be worn inflight. Denim uniform shire (pink) may be payroll deducted.
Oxblood penny loafer shoes – Bass, Dexter, or approved by supervisor
Nylon jacket

Undergarments: All male and female employees are expected to wear appropriate undergarments. Females must wear a bra.


Females: Make-up consists of foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick and is to be used so agent presents a natural, wholesome appearance with no garish or overdone effects. Never apply make-up in public.
Males are not permitted to wear make-up.
Fragrances: Perfumes, colognes, and after shaves should be used in light scents and sparingly.

A) Cleaned and well shaped at all times.
B) Not to exceed 3/4″ length from the cuticle to the end of the nail.
C) Nails must be same length on both hands.
D) Shade of polish must blend with uniform. Polish may not be peeling or chipped.
E) Decals and gold nails are not permitted.
A) Kept clean and trim.
B) length should not extend passed the tip of the finger.
C) Colored polish is not permitted.



A) Must be curled unless it is specifically cut in a straight or blunt style.
B) Spiked or moused hair is not acceptable.
C) Hair must be kept back so as not to obscure the face when leaning forward.
D) Hair must be pulled back from check in to check out
E) Neatly controlled so it does not require frequent handling. Bangs must not obscure the eyebrows.
F) Pulled back as long as it is held back with an appropriate ribbon, bow, barrette or headband in a color that compliments the uniform. A bow or barrette must be no longer than 5″ across and 3″ wide.
G) Hair accessories must be complimentary to the uniform, not excessive or ornate.
H) Color treated hair must be maintained. No extreme colors or dark roots are acceptable. Frosted hair must look natural.
I) Extreme styles will not be permitted
J) Legs and underarms must be shaved.
K) Facial hair must not be noticeable.

A) Faces should be shaved daily.
B) Mustaches are acceptable providing they are kept neatly trimmed. Handlebar mustaches are not acceptable.
C) Beards are acceptable only if grown while on vacation and approved by a supervisor. No intermediate growth will be permitted while on duty.
D) Sideburns may not exceed the bottom of the ear lobe.
E) Haircuts must be conservative in style and measure 1/2 inch over the collar. No ponytails allowed.
F) Goatees are acceptable providing they are neatly trimmed.

Any of the following uniform pieces may be worn together:

1st example

Denim shirt or Polo shirt.
Navy pants or navy shorts.
Navy belt.
White socks
White tennis shoes.
2nd example

Denim shirt or Polo shirt.
Navy pants.
Oxblood belt.
Oxblood penny loafer style shoes.
Navy socks. Females may wear navy nylons instead of socks.
3rd example

Denim shirt or Polo shirt.
Navy shorts.
Oxblood belt.
Oxblood penny loafer style shoes.
White socks. Females may wear navy nylons with Oxblood penny loafers. Hats, only with airline logo baseball hats purchased from the company store.
Although many airline employees wear a casual uniform, you can look very professional with a neat, pressed and clean uniform and polished shoes. Following the guidelines on hair, nails, skin care and make up will present a sharp group of Flight Attendants.



Only airline logo issued commissary shirts (Lt. Blue or Maroon).

Uniform slacks
Uniform Shorts
Black jean shorts (Must be the same length as your uniform shorts.) Colder weather ONLY
Airline logo sweat shirt (purchased through the company store, NO other logged outer wear).
Solid colored navy or maroon colored pullover or front zip style sweat shirts.

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