Flight Attendant Training & Job

Flight Attendant Training

Flight Attendant Training is critically important for those aspiring to a Flight Attendant career. Any individual aspiring that as a career has to deal with various obstacles to bag that cabin crew job. Being a Flight Attendant is a dream of a lifetime for many, but to achieve it one has to take the that hard route through a flight attendant training program. Flight Attendant or Air Hostess or Cabin Crew job is for those with a mind towards customer service, and more importantly, a passion to fly. Anyone seeking a flight attendant position has to have these two most important requirements and also he or she has to be tough enough to undergo that rigorous and nerve-wracking flight attendant training. This is a very addictive and quite unique field as a career. A Flight Attendant job is exhilarating and rewarding once you go through with your training.  Of course, at times it can be exhausting.

Flight Attendant training can range anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks, depending on the airlines and the types of aircraft used by them. All airlines provide transportation, lodging, and meals during the cabin crew training program.  Few airlines (around 35%) also pay a salary during flight steward training, but most airlines do not provide compensation during the training period. Airlines do not consider an individual an employee until they have successfully completed the airline training program.  Few airlines do charge for their training programs.

Flight Attendant Training Schools are those where every aspiring flight attendant is groomed or trained to be prepared for those grueling airline interviews as well as the airline training that lies ahead of them prior to confirmation of the job.  There are numerous cabin crew training schools claiming to be providing quality training, but the fact remains that you do not require any formal training to bag a flight attendant job as any airline which hires you will train you to suit their requirements, this is mainly because each airline operates its own fleet of aircraft and training required on each type of aircraft (Boeing, Airbus, Embraer etc) also differs.  Rather flight attendant training schools only need to prepare you for those grueling airline interview sessions, so as to make it much easier and less exhaustive for you to bag that all-important flight attendant job, until and unless you clear that interview, all the training given by those air hostess training schools are worthless.  This is where we at Flight Attendant Training Online come to your help.  We provide all the flight attendant or cabin crew training resources required for to you to make that airline interview a cakewalk.  Our resources are FREE for you to access!

Flight Attendant Training program if successfully completed can offer a career that cannot be compared and is unmatched in many ways to any other career. The benefits range from the flexibility in work schedules with 12-20 days off on average in a month.  The job also offers them various categories of unlimited benefits in travel.  Earlier it used to be a field for unmarried females, it is never considered so anymore. Airlines nowadays hire male flight attendants or cabin crew as well as those above the age of 40 since they consider age no longer to be a deciding factor.

Before accessing the free online training resource do make sure that you have the eligibility to make it as a flight attendant.  Our flight attendant training resource contains various topics as listed on the left panel few of which include how to make an eye-catchy resume, draft those pulling cover letters, how to gatecrash those airline interviews, what to wear, interview tips and tricks, what the airlines are looking for in you and various other topics of interest to you.

Flight Attendant Job

Flight Attendant Job assumes significance in any airline as they are considered as eyes and ears of an airline, directly interacting with the passengers or airline customers.  Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew are on board an aircraft to take care of the safety of the passengers as a primary job and welfare and comfort as a secondary job.

Depending on the number of passengers on board the flight, airlines must have few flight attendants on board. The most important function of a flight attendant job is to assist passengers in the unforeseen event of an emergency. This may range from reassuring passengers during occasional encounters with strong turbulence to opening emergency exits and inflating escape chutes, hence a flight attendant needs to be mentally agile and physically fit.

As a routine, cabin crew also instruct passengers in the use of safety and emergency equipment. While in the air, flight attendants serve meals and snacks, answer questions about the flight, distribute magazines and pillows, and help to care for small children and elderly and disabled persons. Flight attendants are also trained to administer first aid to passengers who become ill.

Flight attendant or Air Hostess jobs make up 21 percent of air transportation employment.

To be able to attend flight attendant job interviews one has to fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down by the airlines.  Once you have been in this job, most would find it difficult to remove themselves from the grip of this glamorous and highly rewarding career.

However, to obtain an air hostess job there are certain communication and grooming standards expected in a candidate for which assumes the importance of training. A flight attendant or air hostess or cabin crew job does take immense physical and mental stamina but is a very rewarding career. Go for it, you will succeed.

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