Flight Attendant Job : How to Apply

How to Apply for a Flight Attendant Job“, that is the question that comes to anyone aspiring for that glamorous job.  Days have changed, it is no more about filling out an application form found in a newspaper and mailing it to the airline.  Now the issue is much simpler, but the competition has become more rigorous and stiff.

The application process starts with mailing a resume directly to the airline.  But things have got much simpler at the same time for

individuals with less knowledge, it has got more complicated.  In this technology-oriented era, the flight attendant job application system has got more streamlined for the convenience of both the applicant and the human resource department of the airline.

The newest of these technological advances is screening through the Internet. Filling out flight attendant job applications online is common now, due to the convenience if offers and accuracy it affords. All the airlines now have their own websites, and those seeking a flight attendant position can easily apply via online application or email.

A telephonic interview is another advance in the technology of interviewing flight attendants. Some airlines offer a phone number in their job listings. Upon calling this number, the applicant is given a detailed summary of the job and exhaustive information about the airline, they are then asked to submit name, address, phone number electronically and to answer a number of questions aimed to determine the suitability of the applicant.

Generally behavioral type questions and customer service scenarios for the major part of interview testing. This is the point where Recruiters or human resource people examine the answers to conclude whether or not they are interested in further pursuit of the applicant for an interview.

The application process begins with attendance at an open house interview. Newspaper ads are placed by airlines in cities from which they wish to hire, and then hold open house interviews at a later date.

These sessions are held all over the nation, usually at hotels nearer to the airport and are conducted at various times of the day – morning, afternoon or evening – in order to facilitate adequate attendance.

The open house facilitates the flight attendant job applicant the quickest way to meet and talk with the airline recruiters. Group interviews are conducted to carry out the initial screening. Resumes are collected on arrival, and after everyone is seated, the recruiter gives a short presentation about the airline and what it is like to work as a flight attendant for that company.

After the presentation, the recruiter requires each applicant to come to the front of the room and give a brief statement describing his or her background and career profile so far. The statement should not be too long but short crisp and not longer than 2 minutes – and as it relates to the flight attendant job, should include any previous customer service experience.

Applicants are required to answer scenarios relating to flight attendant job situations, generally followed by general knowledge questions related to the airline industry or current news. This determines the problem solving and/or test-taking skills of the flight attendant job aspirants. Some airlines also conduct psychological testing as well.

After all applicants have given their presentation to the group, the airline may discreetly ask selected individuals to stay or come back at a later time for a second interview; this is conducted at the same venue or at a different venue, or the applicant may be sent a ticket to fly to the airline’s home base and interviewed there.

The second interview usually consists of individual questioning, sometimes in front of a panel of aviation experts, and can even include more group interviews, as the airline may want to see how applicants work with others to solve problems and to see which applicants have the potential to be leaders.

Smaller airlines generally skip the open house interview and conduct individual interviews. A recruiter or member of in-flight may come to the applicant’s city or fly the applicant to the airline’s home base. These airlines also use behavioral-type questions and can be even choosier in the selection process because they employ fewer people.

The timing of the airline’s response to applicants after interviews can depend on when they need people and how great the demand. The airline will inform those whom they are interested in pursuing, and it is not advisable for applicants to try to call the airline for an update on their hiring status. Be patient and professional. You may have to wait 6 months or a year before reapplying to an airline, but if you are still interested after that time, don’t hesitate to apply again.

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