Flight Attendant Interview Practice

Flight Attendant interview skills are no different from general interview tackling skills. Like developing any skill, solid interviewing skills are developed through repetition and evaluation.

The following practice techniques are effective and proven ways to prepare for your interviews.

Live Session: By far, the best and the most economical way to practice interviewing is to have a friend or family member to conduct mock interview sessions. The mock interview sessions should be set up in a part of your home to exactly replicate the interviewing environment – perhaps an office with a desk, so you can incorporate as much realism as possible into the interview practice session. The “interviewer” should ask you the questions provided in the Interview Questions section and critique your responses, body language, etc. If you are preparing for an open interview, practice your answers in front of a large group of friends or family members and ask for their feedback.

Tape-recorded Session: Using an audio cassette recorder has numerous advantages like, you do not need anyone else to help you. You can dictate your responses to each question and then play them back for analysis. Be particularly attentive to your use of what we call “useless words,” such as “You know,” “Ya know,” “like,” etc. These words have no place in an interview setting. you can also try to record the interview with a friend asking the questions. Here again, you can benefit from someone else’s feedback.

Videotaped Session: This is the most effective form of interview practice that is used by many employment consulting firms, but if you own a camcorder, you can achieve the same results for a lot less money. To be most effective, you should have another individual acting as the interviewer. You should create an interview “set” and go through all the motions you would during an actual interview, from the introduction to the final handshake. The results of your videotaped interview can be very surprising. Very often, you will notice personal negative habits that you were perhaps never aware of. You should repeatedly tape the session until you are satisfied with your performance. Then, the actual interview should be a lot easier.

Below given are few of the details that one should be aware of before attending the flight attendant interview as it will help you immensely during the interview process. The more you know about a specific company, the more prepared you will be to not only answer the interviewer’s questions, but you will be able to ask your own, equally intelligent, questions.

Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a competitive advantage over fellow applicants.

Which category does the airline belong to?

What is the airline’s position vis-à-vis its competitors?

What are the names of the senior management team?

What were the airline’s total annual operating revenue for the previous year?

How much was the airline’s growth rate with respect to revenue?

What is the airline’s employee growth rate?

How many employees does the airline have?

How many flight attendants does the airline have?

What equipment does the airline fly?

What is the primary route structure?

How many destinations does the airline fly to?

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