Choosing the right jewellery

Jewellery like clothes can make or mar your appearance in any airline interview, an overkill can kill your chances of selection.  It is no use having a smart well-cut business suit if you will ruin it with unsuitable jewelry.  What makes a woman appear pleasing and draw attention to her is her good jewelry sense which every airline expects their flight attendants to know.

This is to tell you that every attire requires a different type of jewelry.  In this way, every season, every mood and different occasions require different types of jewellery.  In summer to feel cool and garden-fresh, you should wear light clothes in softest of shades. Soft shades should be offset with either silver, pearl or diamond jewellery.  But avoid wearing too many jewels as these will make you feel hot and uncomfortable, can kill your normal chances also in an interview.  Wear the barest amount and look cool and graceful. Spring requires vivid vibrant colors glowing turquoise, rich green, deep orange to beat the grey rainy days.  And with vibrant colors you require vibrant jewellery made of gold, precious stones, anything which puts a glow in your complexion should be worn during this season.  And winter is the season when you can wear everything and anything and look bewitching.

Like different seasons, the different occasions require different type of jewellery.  An airline interview requires you to wear sober jewellery, but definitely one need to wear some, that will keep you distinct from other prosepcts.   You should choose the jewellery you wear during different occasions very carefully, because badly chosen jewellery can ruin you whole personality.Ear tops or other delicate ear-rings with one or two gold bangles on the arms will look pretty.  For afternoon interview sessions you can go in for a little more elaborate jewellery and this means delicate sets of diamond, precious stones.

Different colors of dresses also require different colored jewellery.  All the women should have two basic shades of jewellery is an excellent combination with cream, yellow, read, most greens, violet and various shades of brown.  Silver looks excellent with peach, white, pale pink, blue almond green and every delicate shade. Besides these two basic types of jewellery which every woman can afford, there are the exclusive diamonds and pearls.

Do you know what makes a woman the centre of all attention?  Her clothes.  You may have a very beautiful face, but if you are not neatly, elegantly and suitably dressed for the occasion, no ones going to give you a second look, I believe that it is the inherent desire of every woman to be the focus of many adoring eyes and her happiness increases when she believes that she is looking beautiful and this in turn gives her confidence in herself and increases her attractiveness.  It is not difficult to be well-dressed and sophisticated.  You must learn to dress with taste and imagination and wear clothes that suit you, instead of following the fashion blindly.  The selection of fabrics and colors should suit your personality, therefore before buying any fabric, drape it over yourself and buy it only if it highlights and adds warmth to you complexion.  Never choose a color because it is in fashion or because it suits your friends.  No matter what color you choose, it should always flatter you complexion. And never distort you self-coloring.  Besides choosing the right shade, see that the clothes you wear fit you nicely.

Keep the clothes you have well-starched, well ­perfumed and scented with your favorite perfume. Buy your clothes selectively. Go in for fabrics sold by well-known stores and shops although clothes sold by these shops may cost more, but you can be sure that the fabrics they sell will have fast colors, will be extremely versatile, drape attractively, will be crease resistant. Besides you have the choice of selecting from many attractive colors and designs. One quality which should always be kept in every woman’s mind is that her wardrobe should give the impression of plenty and the recruiter will be rest assured that you will be best dressed even in a flight attendant uniform. Therefore buy a varied wardrobe. It is a good idea to have some simple clothes in your wardrobe.

Buy clothes which are suitable for wearing the whole year round. For example, during the rainy season, the clothes you choose to wear should not soak up water easily and even if they do, they should dry up quickly without losing shape. Cottons and silks are not for this season, because they not only soak up water avidly but become limp when they dry and lose their crease and shape completely. Synthetics like nylon, terelene, polyester, rayon and other man made fibres are ideal for this season because they resist creasing, dry up fast and regain their original shape when dry. Hot season is the season when you should play it real cool. Nylons, georgettes and heavy silks should be stored away and instead you should bring out soft and wispy chiffons, cool and crisp organdies, American georgettes and terene blend voils in softest of shades. The cold weather is for warm fabrics like nylons, silks, woollen garments and knitted fabrics. Therefore, when planning your wardrobe always keep the seasons in mind. Also when you go out, wear clothes which are suitable for the occasion. Pastel shades should be kept for the mornings and dark shades should be reserved for the evenings. For the same reason dark shades should be worn during the grey days of the rainy season and cold winter days and soft shades during the hot weather. A profusion of loud colors used indiscriminately will stamp you as an ill-dressed woman. You need not be a beauty queen to appear pleasing and draw attention to yourself. All you need to be the centre of attraction is to be well-dressed so as to keep you looking different from other prospects in an interview. With good dress sense you will not only draw attention to yourself, but you will also gain confidence at the same time.

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