Beauty questions you always wanted to ask

Here are Some Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

1. Why am I so hairy? Is there any permanent treatment forcuring this condition?

Ans. Coarse facial hair is mostly the outcome of polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is a hormonal imbalance and besides coarse facial hair you are also a victim of irregular or absent menstrual periods, severe acne; obesity and multiple cysts on the ovaries. This is one of the most common disorders in women of reproductive age group and also accounts for a large percentage of infertility. This is genetic in origin and the symptoms usually begin at puberty and worsen over the years if not treated immediately. Severe acne and coarse hair can be treated with anti androgens to reduce the level of male hormones in the body. Sometime androgen levels can be brought down by weight loss and regular exercising. You will have to consult an endocrinologist who will test you and prescribe to you the necessary treatment after which you will be free of this disorder.

2. What is a dry mouth? How do we control it? What are theconsequences of a dry mouth?

Ans. Dry mouth means some people have less saliva in the mouth than others. Saliva has a powerful anti-bacterial action on the mouth and also maintains the hygiene inside the mouth. It also controls the bacteria which causes bad breath, keeps the mouth well lubricated, and controls bad breath neutralizes some of the acids which decay teeth and infect the gums. Habitual dryness in the mouth gives rise to cracks around the lips, burning feeling inside the mouth and unattractive speech. Oral dryness is common in elderly people, diabetics and those who smoke and drink heavily. To control dryness, drink water frequently and chew sugarless chewing gum to keep the dryness away if strutting is due to stress, then take the help of psychiatrist or you can ask a peech therapist to help you. If strutting occurs in left-handed children and they are prevailed upon to use the right hand then a great improvement occurs in that person. Mild strutting in children disappears when they grow older.

3. How can I prevent myself from being sun-tanned?

Ans. Tropical sunlight not only damages the skin coloring but also wrinkles a smooth and young skin. The ultra violent radiation in the sunlight breaks down the elastic collagen fiber that supports the skin from underneath, the skin then starts loosing its suppleness and lines begin to show up. It also toughens and dries up the skin creating a weather beaten look. People who never go out in the sun have very smooth and unlined faces. Light colored skins are damaged more easily than dark colored ones. Sun damage starts from early childhood when it is not apparent, but later on slowly and gradually it shows up in the form of freckles, pigmentation and fine lines on the skin. You must not go out in the sun between 11 to 4 in the afternoon when the sun is at its highest, even if you go out cover your head and face with umbrella. Also use sun screens, glares and drink plenty of water to counteract the damaging effects of the sun.

4. Is it possible to grow tall after the age of 18?

Ans. No, it is not possible to grow tall after 18 years. But if you Take care of your child in childhood the chances are that your child will be tall. First of all, you should immunize your child against diseases like typhoid and other diseases which are growth inhibiting. You should feed the child plenty of proteins especially animal proteins and plenty of sugar. Besides the child should do hanging exercises like hanging from a bar for 10-15 minutes daily.

5. How does one cure strutting?

Ans. Strutting is a disturbance in speech. Strutting is pauses in the speech which may be filled with hisses and grunts, repetition and difficulty in pronouncing certain words. It begins when the child is just learning to speak. It mostly attacks boys rather then girls.

6. How far are the dandruff chasers good for the skin?

Ans. Most of the dandruff shampoos contain zinc pyrichione and selenium disulphide. These two compounds are not only very harmful to the scalp but they are carcinogen can improve the appearance of your breasts. The only way you can grow the breasts is to go for silicon implants. Translucent silicon insertions are used to increase the size of the breasts. The surgeon slits the skin below each breast and places the artificial package behind the mammary gland. Several complications can arise from this surgery which includes blood clots, excessive scarring, sloughing off of the skin and infection. These shampoos improve the condition for a short time but then the dandruff returns with a vengeance. Moreover these shampoos will diminish the neutralizing capacity of sebum (sebum lubricates the skin and hair and is the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands). Infact, sebum protects the scalp from microbial infection and being acidic in nature neutralizes the alkaline action of the shampoos.

7. How does the skin age?

Ans. Skin ages by exposure to sunlight and other elements. Besides, it ages due to smoking, drinking, taking drugs, being stressful and having less of Vitamin C in the body. Lack of collagen and lack of proper care and attention which should start from a very young age. The upper layers of the skin have an oil barrier that prevents the water within the cells from evaporating and thus drying the skin out. A few layers below, fat reserves inside the cells form a second layer which prevents the absorption of chemicals and other pollutants into the skin and regulates the passage of water through the skin. This barrier is the first to break down under the constant exposure to sunlight. And thus sun-damaged skin ages faster. Therefore, from a young age we should keep away from the sun and regularly apply moisturizers and sun­screens to the face.

8. These days some beauticians advertise permanent eyebrows, lips and eyelashes through tattooing. Is it safe?

Ans. Getting permanent eyebrows, eyelashes and pink lips through tattooing are not only very painful but it is also dangerous because tattooing is d6ne with chemicals which may cause allergic and other reactions in the body. Besides, they give a very false appearance to the face and it is not permanent. The pink tattooing on the lips is dangerous because with the food you take, you also take in the pink chemical in the stomach and very soon your lips turn blue and besides you get stomach disorders.

        Eye tattooing gives rise to severe eye troubles.

Q.9. Is hair weaving safe and long lasting?

Ans. Hair weaving is neither safe nor long lasting. Hair weaving gives rise to many scalp infections including severe itching besides it does not last for more than 1-2 months. Sometimes, it lasts only for a couple of days, therefore you should think of alternate methods, even wig is better than hair weaving.

10. Can I grow my breasts?

Ans. There are no gadgets or creams which will make small breasts grow bigger, but you can firm the breasts with daily exercise of the pectoral muscles of the chest area.

11. What is the right method of bleaching your facial hair?

Ans. Bleaching is actually a chemical process which releases nascent oxygen. This reaction is completed within minutes with the help of activator (ammonium carbonate) which acts as a catalyst. The nascent oxygen released oxygenates the skin and does the work of bleaching that is di-pigmenting the hair shaft and the skin. This helps to bleach the hair so that it blends with the skin color. It also removes the black pigmentation of the skin and makes the skin look fairer by 2 to 3 shades.

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