Beauty Care and Makeup tips and tricks

There are certain things that all men and women should take care of to maintain their beauty to remain forever a part of the airline industry, especially for a long flight attendant career.

Never sleep with make upon.  Always clean your face with damp cotton wool and cleansing milk before going to bed especially after a long haul flight or next day if you have an interview, it helps in keeping the glow on your face.

Don’t retouch an old lipstick, clean the lips and put on a completely new coat.  This will look fresher and keep it original color better.

Don’t wear scarlet lipstick if you are very pale it will make you look even paler.  If you must wear this color, then add a little more color to your sin with a shade darker foundation and add a little more color to your cheeks.

Don’t wear a beige lipstick if you have mousey hair and a beige skin-your lips will blend into your complexion and won’t be noticeable.

Don’t’ wear pale lipstick if you have a problem skin, the blemishes will show yup darker than your lips.  Also, if pale lipstick is worn over discolored teeth, the teeth will look dirtier and yellowier, look like a professional flight attendant.

Don’t eat too many chocolates.  The cocoa flavoring stimulates oil glands to become active and the high fat and sugar content encourages spots.  Try eating apples instead.

Don’t eat more than two oranges a day; their high acid content can cause a red rash.  The same applies to grape fruits and strawberries.  Eat them by all means but don’t overeat them.

Don’t fall for fizzy drinks in hot weather.  They don’t quench thirst as well as cold water, fruit juice or tea and they are laden with sugar.  Cola, like chocolate contains cocoa extract and therefore stimulates oil glands to over activity.

Avoid taking more than two cups of coffee or tea during a day. Instead, learn to take fruit juice, lassi, carrot or cucumber juice.

Don’t be a grease spot.  Your skin will absorb the nourishment it needs within 20 minutes, so wipe off the excess cream and then sleep happily.

Don’t use the bar of soap which you use for your body on your hair.  The bar of soap which you use for your body on your hair.  The bar of soap is very damaging to the hair because it leaves an insoluble alkaline film on the scalp even after the hair has been thoroughly rinsed. This deposit can clog the hair and oil openings in your scalp and its drying qualities may give rise to ugly dandruff.  In addition, the alkaline quality of soap removes the natural acid mantle of the healthy scalp and invites bacterial invasion of the areas, therefore, it is always wise either to wash with a good shampoo.

Don’t ever use any of the “Medicated dandruff Shampoos” so widely advertised.  Medicated shampoos don’t clear dandruff but make it return with a vengeance.  They give only temporary relief and can do a staggering amount of scalp and hair damage.

Don’t use marketed hair oils on your hair.  They contain white oil which gives rise to premature grey heads.  For the same reason, don’t use hair dyes, they not only contain harmful chemicals which cause harm to the scalp and to the skin, but if once discontinued will give you a full head of grey hair and airlines can show you the door for this reason, so be an ideal flight attendant.

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