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cruise level procedure training

Cruise Level Procedures for Flight Attendants

A theoretical approach to Flight Attendant Training carried out by major airline and flight attendant training institutes

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When the aircraft is being fueled, customers may remain onboard providing the following is observed:

  • 1. The main entry door must remain open.
  • 2. At least one Flight Attendant must be onboard the aircraft.
  • 3. No smoking regulations must be enforced.
  • 4. A Flight Attendant will notify the fueler immediately if fuel vapors become detectable in the cabin.


During a crew change, Flight Attendants must move quickly while performing all procedures for customer deplaning and cabin clean up.

Outbound crews will board the aircraft after the inbound crew deplaned.

When a through flight is scheduled for a crew change at an intermediate stop, and the crew has not yet arrived, the inbound crew is required to remain on board the aircraft.

Inbound "A" Flight Attendant will brief outbound "A" Flight Attendant when applicable on:

  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Armed individuals
  • Prisoner/Guard
  • Disabled Customer(s)
  • 111 Customer(s)
  • Customer(s) with special needs
  • Cabin, galley, lavatory or cabin equipment discrepancies
  • Inbound "B" and "C" flight attendants will also brief outbound "B" and "C". Flight Attendants on information such as the above.




  • Ensure all liquor, beer and wine papers have been completed.
  • Ensure galleys have been cleaned and restocked.
  • Liquor money is deposited in the safe provided in that station.

ALL Flight AttendantS WILL:

Ensure aircraft has been cleaned unless aircraft is a terminator. Crosscheck each other's slides to ensure they are disarmed.


When arriving at a RON city (an overnight of a multi-day sequence):

  • Hotel rooms will be provided for each Flight Attendant.
  • Proceed with crew to the airport transportation area for hotel pickup.
  • If a Flight Attendant chooses not to use the hotel while on a scheduled RON, the other Flight Attendants must be informed of a contact number.
  • Check in at hotel and coordinate a scheduled time to leave the hotel in order to be at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure.


  • Each Flight Attendant is responsible for personal charges (i.e., phone, food, etc.). It is recommended that Flight Attendants keep all receipts indicating zero balance.
  • If a crewmember is not at the gate thirty (30) minutes prior to departure, other Flight Attendants will be responsible for notifying Scheduling and flightdeck.


When Arriving at Home Domicile

  • Proceed to Flight Attendant lounge.
  • Complete any necessary paperwork, i.e., Inflight Operational Occurrence Report, etc.
  • Deposit that day's liquor money in the designated safe.

Dead Heading Procedures:

Must travel in official uniform or casual business attire.

One hour prior to departure, check in with crew scheduling then proceed to gate. Check in at gate with an ASA and inform ASA, you are a dead heading crew member


NOTE: The following P.A.'s are to serve as guidelines and should be followed as to content. Underlined areas indicate FAA or company required information which must be included in the P.A. Underlined and bold areas indicate FAA required information which must be included verbatim in the PA.

Opening P.A.

Good______! And welcome aboard InFlight Career Airlines flight #______service to________. The Flight Attendants serving you today are_______in back, ___________at mid-cabin, and my name is________; I'll be serving those of you up front. We ask that you would please assist us by ensuring your carry-on luggage is completely underneath the seats in front of you or in one of the overhead bins. Shortly after takeoff, we will be serving complimentary soft drinks, juice and coffee. If you wish to purchase cocktails, they are $4.00 each, beer and wine are $3.00.
F.A.A. regulations require compliance with the following:

1. The use of certain portable electronic equipment including cellular telephones is prohibited . For further safety InFlight Career Airlines requests that cellular telephones be turned off.
2. All seats at the emergency overwing exit are designated as emergency exit row seats.

If you are seated in these rows, please refer to the safety information card in your seatback pocket, or in the card holder attached to the overwing exit.
If you have a condition that would prevent you from performing the functions listed on the card.
If you feel you may suffer bodily harm as a result of performing the functions If you feel you do not meet the selection criteria. OR If you do not wish to perform the functions required, please notify a Flight Attendant in order that we may reseat you.
Ladies and gentlemen, in order for us to pushback from the gate, please ensure your seatbelt is securely fastened and your seatback and tray table are in their full upright and locked position.
Thank you for choosing Inflight Careers and welcome aboard!

Emergency Briefing P.A.

Ladies and gentlemen, if we could have your attention for just a moment, we'd like to point out the safety features of our Boeing 737-300. To properly fasten your seat belt, slide the flat end into the buckle; to unfasten, lift up on the buckle and it will release. Your seat belt should be worn tight and low across the hips. There are four exit doors- two in the forward cabin and two in the aft cabin. Each door is equipped with an evacuation slide which can be detached for flotation. If circumstances require you to open a door, immediatly pull the red inflation handle located at the base of the door to ensure proper slide inflation. In addition, there are two window exits located over the wings. Each exit is clearly marked with a sign overhead. If needed, a lighting system along the aisle will direct you to all exits. Please take a moment to locate the exit nearest you.
A safety information card may be found in the seatback pocket in front of you, or in the card holder attached to the overwing exit. In the event of a water evacuation, your seat bottom cushion may be used as a flotation device by removing the cushion and placing you arms through the straps on the bottom of the cushion. Please refer to the seat cushion diagrams on the safety information card for detailed illustrations. Once again, please check to make sure you seat belt is securely fastened. Your seat back and tray table are in the full upright and locked position, and all carry-on luggage is placed completely underneath the seat in front of you, leaving the aisle clear. This flight will be a non-smoking flight and smoking is never allowed in an aircraft lavatory. Federal law also prohibits tampering with, disabling, or destroying any smoke detector in the aircraft lavatory. Federal aviation regulation require customer compliance with the lighted customer information signs, posted placards, and crewmember instructions, regarding seat belts and smoking.
At this time we would like to brief you on the oxygen system. Although we don't anticipate a change in cabin pressure, should it occur, individual oxygen masks will drop from the compartment overhead. Immediately, pull down on the mask until the plastic tubing is fully extended as this activates the flow of oxygen. Place the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe normally. The mask may be secured with the elastic strap. Please be aware that although the bag may not inflate you will be receiving oxygen. For those of you traveling with children, secure yourself first, then assist the child, continue wearing the mask until otherwise notified by a uniformed crewmember. Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight to_________, our flight time is approximately_____________. (hours/minutes)

Final Descent P.A.

As we make our final descent into_______, please ensure your seat belt is securely fastened, your seat back and tray table are in their full upright and locked position. If you have taken any carry-on luggage out during the flight, please return it underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. At this time we ask that you discontinue the use of, stow any portable electronic devices in preparation for landing. We will be coming by to pick up all remaining cups, can and glasses. Thank you.

Arrival P.A.

On behalf of this flight crew and ____________ Airlines, we'd like to welcome you to ______________. For your safety, and the safety of those around you, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened, seatback and tray table in their full upright and locked position, and all luggage stowed until the aircraft arrives at the gate and the Captain has turned off the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign. Please use caution in opening the overhead bins, as the items you placed there may have shifted during flight. If you have a connecting flight, please check the T.V. monitor in the gate area for your flight and gate number. We certainly have enjoyed sharing part of our day with you. We know you have a choice when you fly and we thank you for choosing Inflight Careers. If you are continuing on with us to_________, please remain seated until we get a customer count.



During Boarding/Full Flight P.A. (When flight is about 2/3 full)

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be a full flight. We'd love to get you to your destination on time, so please assist us by taking the first available seat. If at all possible place your carry-on items underneath the seat in front of you. Thank you again.

Cleared for Departure P.A.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been cleared for departure.

Beverage Service Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, in a few moments we will begin our inflight beverage service. You will find a complete listing of the beverages Inflight Careers serves on page_____ in our magazine located in the seat back pocket. Beer and wine may be purchased for $3.00, cocktails for $4.00. We hope you enjoy our service to ___________. Thank you!

Beverage and Snack Service Announcement (Made Prior to Taking Drink Orders)

Ladies and gentlemen, in a few moments we will begin our inflight beverage service. You will find a complete listing of the beverages Inflight Careers serves on page______ in our magazine located in the seat back pocket. Beer and wine may be purchased for $3.00, cocktails for $4.00. After taking drink orders, we will be offering a complimentary snack followed by our beverage services. We hope you enjoy our service to__________. Thank you!

"Fasten Seat Belt" Sign Turned On P.A.

Ladies and gentlemen the Fasten Seat Belt sign has been turned on Please check at this time to make sure your seat belts are securely fastened Thank you!

"Fasten Seat Belt" Sign Turned Off P.A.

Although the Fasten Seat Belt sign has been turned off please keep your seat belt fastened while seated Thank you!

Fasten Seat Belt Reminder P.A.

Ladies and gentlemen, just a reminder that the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign is still on and we ask that while seated you keep your seat belt securely fastened. Thank you!

Fasten Seat Belt for Landing P.A.

Ladies and gentlemen we have begun our final descent into________. Please ensure that your seat belt is securely fastened for the remainder of our flight. Your Flight Attendants will now be in the process of securing the cabin for landing. If you would please take a moment to look around your seat area for any newspapers or other items you do not plan to take with you today, we would be happy to dispose of them for you.



A charter flight is a segment of a sequence in which the entire aircraft has been contracted for military or commercial public and private charter use.

Each charter flight has information posted in the Flight Attendant lounge that summarizes specific information pertaining to that charter.

Specific information may include:

  • Type of charter and number of customers expected.
  • All charters will be non-smoking.
  • Crew instructions regarding crew rest and hotel accommodations.
  • Whether or not weapons will be carried onboard.
  • Catering information.

All company policies and procedures, and FARO must also be adhered to with the exception of the following.


  • All military and public and private commercial charter flights are non-smoking. Flight Attendant PROCEDURES FOR CHARTERS
  • Flight Attendants should check in for a charter as for a regularly scheduled trip. All boarding and taxi out procedures, P.A.s and briefings should be handled as on a regularly scheduled flight.

The "A" position Flight Attendant should familiarize himself/herself with the Operations Order to adequately prepare for the charter. A copy of the Operations Order will be placed in the Flight Attendant lounge.

The "A" position Flight Attendant should note:

  • The live section (the segment of the charter with customers onboard).
  • The number of customers to be carried
  • Meal Service
  • Number provided (Crew meals are provided on all food service charters).
    •   How meals are to be served.
    •   Liquor Service:
    •   Whether complimentary or pay.
    •   If special liquor kits were requested in advance.
  • NOTE: Unless previously arranged, no special kits from Provisioning will be provided.

The "A" position Flight Attendant should brief the "B" and "C" position Flight Attendants on the above.

The "A" and "B" position Flight Attendants should check the galleys for proper provisions. Charter flights usually are double provisioned. Extra supplies may be stowed in the cargo bin to be used for the next scheduled charter.

An Airport Services Agent may be available prior to boarding. Anytime a charter originates from a city Inflight Careers does not serve, an Airport Services Agent may accompany the flight.



Scanning Personnel:

Scanning will be conducted by Airport Service Agents, if available, monitoring the boarding door and by the position "A" Flight Attendant who is situated at the aircraft entry door. Inflight Careers scanning personnel will refuse any cabin carry-on bags which do not meet these requirements or which cannot be safely stowed in the passenger cabin.

Nonstandard Operations:

For a charter or diverted flight operation at a station normally not serviced by Inflight Careers, the position "A" Flight Attendant will be solely responsible for the scanning of all carry-on baggage.


  • If a cleaning crew is not available prior to departure, it is the flight attendant's responsibility to ensure the aircraft is clean prior to the live section of the charter, and help fold and place pillows and blankets in overhead bins.
  • It is also the responsibility of the Flight Attendants to clean the aircraft after the live section of the charter if the aircraft is resuming to scheduled service.
  • Any problems with the charter itself or any customer misconduct should be reported to the Captain and on an Inflight Operational Occurrence Report.
  • A reserve Flight Attendant must check with Crew Scheduling after the completion of the charter.


Box Meals

  • The caterer providing the meals, and the time and place the meal will be boarded will be specified on the Charter Operations Order.
  • The "A" position Flight Attendant should check and verify the meal count with the Airport Services Agent, Provisioning Agent or caterer, whichever is applicable. (Meal count should match that of the Operations Order.)
  • If meal service is requested, the meals must be stowed for movement on the surface for takeoff and landing in the two most forward overhead bins and two most aft overhead bins.
  • All meals must be picked up prior to landing and excess trash must be securely stowed in a designated overhead bin.
  • Meals are stowed by the catering agent or Provisioning Agent. If an agent is not available, the Flight Attendants are responsible for proper stowage.

Beverage/Meal Service

Once inflight all Flight Attendants will:

  • Take drink orders.
  • Set up initial tray of drinks.
  • Serve meals to their designated rows of service.
  • Serve initial round of drinks, followed by seconds.
  • Procedures for Serving Alcoholic Beverages
  • If the charter is such that liquor is either complimentary or sold, discretion must be exercised as far as serving alcohol to customers appearing intoxicated.

Any alcoholic beverages consumed on the aircraft must be supplied by InFlight Career Airlines.


Certain differences are discussed below that are unique to military charters. Military charters are set up by the military Air Mobility Command AMO at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.


  • A military officer will be appointed to check the customer manifest list on boarding and supervise the loading of ammunition into the cargo bin when applicable. This person is armed with a visible gun.
  • The aircraft will be checked for cleanliness by an inspector (galleys, ashtrays, and overall cleanliness). Any discrepancies should be handled by the Flight Attendants if a cleaning crew is not available.
  • The inspector will also be checking the aircraft emergency equipment and may verbally verify the amount of equipment with a Flight Attendant. This is military regulation that equipment be checked.
  • NOTE: It is still the responsibility of the "C" position Flight Attendant to check the cabin equipment just as on a regularly scheduled flight.
  • Should the aircraft have to be refueled at any military base, all customers must be deplaned per military regulation. Certain procedures at some bases allow customers to remain onboard while fueling. The Flight Attendants will be advised when this is being done, and no customers can deplane or board while fueling is in process. Remember, per F.A.A. regulation, at least one Flight Attendant must remain onboard the aircraft when customer(s) are onboard.
  • Military regulations require that a pillow is provided for 90% of the customer load and a blanket for 50% of the customer load. If there are not enough pillows or blankets, rather than taking a delay to find additional pillows or blankets, advise the inspector to report this.

Weapons Stowage

When the Operations Order calls for weapons to be carried onboard, the weapons should be placed under the row of seats with the gun straps secured to the seat legs. When ample room is not available under the seats, guns may be placed in the overhead bins provided they are flat on the bin floor with all other soft-sided carry-on items placed on top.

Meal/Beverage Service

  • Box meals are usually provided on all military charters.
  • Box meals are placed in individual seats prior to departure. Time permitting, empty containers may be collected prior to departure and disposed of in the jetway. Milk will be stowed in crates placed in the aft galley stowage module.
  • Milk should be stowed by the catering agent or Provisioning Agent if available. If not, the Flight Attendants are responsible for proper stowage.

Alcohol Procedures

All military charters prohibit the selling or serving of alcoholic beverages.

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